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Our online store brings you quality products at wholesale prices. We offer fastest delivery and safest payment service. As we all know safe payment is the top issue for our customers. So, We spare no effort to find and provide the most safe payment system for our customers. Safety payment channel is one of the most mainstream third party payment platform. Through Safety payment channel, You can get multifaceted protection. 

What is Safe third party payment platform? 
The Safe third party payment platform we offer is a leading international online payment system and electronic money issuer that allows you to pay with more than 50 different payment cards, which includes major credit cards, Visa、Master、AE、JCB and certain local debit cards. You can call it payment Escrow which you can see when you select your payment methods on the payment page. 

How secure is my payment? 
Payments via escrow are protected with VeriSign encryption, the highest encryption technology commercially available. You can be assured that your credit card and account details will never be exposed. 
With escrow, payment will only be released to the supplier once you have received your order and confirmed delivery. You can track the shipment at any stage during delivery. 

  1. Privacy Protection 
All trades are rely on the most safe third payment platform. Through the most safe payment Protection System, Your payment is only released to us after you receive & confirm delivery of your purchases. Pay securely online without worrying that your credit card details will be exposed.

2.What payment methods are accepted on our store? 

How do I pay with my credit card? 
When placing your order, select the credit card you wish to pay with and you will be directed to a secure payment page. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions. Input your card number, enter the required details and click "Make Payment". 

Buyer Protection is our guarantee to you that every transaction you make on our store is completely secure. 
Once your payment has been approved, your money will be held securely in an Escrow account. Payment will only be released to us after you confirm satisfactory delivery. 

How do I track my order? 
After shipment, we will send the tracking number to your E-Mail(You should provide us your correct E-Mail, Commonly used E-mail better). You can Use the Tracking Number to track delivery at any stage on the shipping company's website.